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Q: What is a MIAM?

An initial appointment (also known as a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) lasts about forty-five minutes and is a chance for you to have a discussion with a mediator about your case and ask any questions about the mediation process and the alternatives.  

The mediator is required to carry out some checks and give you information as part of this statutory MIAM.  Please note it isn't possible to skip a MIAM and go straight into mediation.  A MIAM is required under a mediator's professional code of practice.

Only Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) mediators are recognised to sign Court forms.  Check whether your mediator is FMCA and recognised by the courts, Ministry of Justice and Family Mediation Council.

Q: Can I go on my own or does my ex have to attend also?

You may wish to have the initial appointment on your own, or jointly with the other party: the choice is yours.

Q: I don't think my ex will attend mediation. What happens then?

After your MIAM we will contact your ex, usually both by letter and phone.  We will discuss the timing and method of approach with you first.

Often clients tell us that their ex has said they aren't interested in mediation, only for them to reply to our communications and make an appointment.  Having a neutral mediator make the approach can have a different effect.

If your ex won't come to mediation then you may need to go to court. We can sign your form to say you attended a MIAM.

You will probably find that mediation will be suggested again a number of times in the court process and if so we will of course re-open your file and pick up the case again, as long as it looks as though the case is suitable for mediation.

Q: How much does a MIAM cost?

See our fees page ('What it Costs') for up to date details of fees.


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